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Honestly? I didn't ask for this. I just wanted to watch Eurovision for the lols. The glitter, the singing dancing grandmothers, the dubstep vampires, the terrible songs and singers, you know. Eurovision.

I remember looking up all the songs before the first 2014 semifinal, and my first reaction to Austria's entry was "okay, that's weird." Tabbed away, left the video playing.

And then she started singing, and I sat up and tabbed the hell back, because anybody who could sing like that deserved me paying attention.

I don't know exactly when the shift happened, I'm guessing about halfway through the video, but by the end of it my reaction was "oh, you gorgeous creature." (Or, as I said to a friend: "Oh no. I love her.")

And then, of course, I wanted to find out more. So I did.

And so Eurovision 2014 actually ended up meaning something. By the time Conchita's post-win performance was over, I was sobbing my eyes out.

And now, of course, I need somewhere to put the squee.

The Graham Norton Show, 2014

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