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All versions I can find of "Rise Like a Phoenix" as performed by Conchita herself, arranged to the best of my ability in chronological order.

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Honestly? I didn't ask for this. I just wanted to watch Eurovision for the lols. The glitter, the singing dancing grandmothers, the dubstep vampires, the terrible songs and singers, you know. Eurovision.

I remember looking up all the songs before the first 2014 semifinal, and my first reaction to Austria's entry was "okay, that's weird." Tabbed away, left the video playing.

And then she started singing, and I sat up and tabbed the hell back, because anybody who could sing like that deserved me paying attention.

I don't know exactly when the shift happened, I'm guessing about halfway through the video, but by the end of it my reaction was "oh, you gorgeous creature." (Or, as I said to a friend: "Oh no. I love her.")

And then, of course, I wanted to find out more. So I did.

And so Eurovision 2014 actually ended up meaning something. By the time Conchita's post-win performance was over, I was sobbing my eyes out.

And now, of course, I need somewhere to put the squee.

Uh, while I’m at this, a question for my followers — would anybody want me to set up a tag for when I get into arguments with people, so those posts can be easily blacklisted when they do happen? Just in case there are people following me who’d rather not see.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Not that I have any faith at all you'll actually pay attention, but: 1. No Conchita Wurst is not transmysogynistic (she always speaks about trans people with respect), 2. No she never compares herself to Dana International (people do that in interviews and she says no), 3. The "pussy sausage" meaning of the name is the unintended one, 4. Yes she was in a gross racist TV show, no she's not actually racist (she regularly mentions race among the things you shouldn't use to judge people) (cont'd.)
conchitacouldyounot conchitacouldyounot Said:


5. The beard is not intended as a joke, it’s both because it’s a statement and because it’s how she feels comfortable, 6. Simply because she presents nonbinary, it doesn’t put an onus on her to fight for trans rights — but regardless, she has repeatedly said in interviews that she wants to fight not just for the gay community, but “for all these people who suffer because they are not ‘the norm’” (direct quote from an interview, with actual air quotes around ‘the norm’).

  1. I don’t think you understand how subtle transmisogyny can be
  2. 2014 Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst Cites Dana International as Inspiration
  3. There’s no way Tom couldn’t’ve known about the joke while or ESPECIALLY after making the name, yet he didn’t change it
  4. "Yeah she actively participated in a racist thing but she’s not racist" ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. Tom’s words seem to say different
  6. You can’t put on the mask of a trans woman, use it for entertainment and aggrandizing purposes, and then discard it when it comes time to pay dues.

Oh for the love of… this is why I tend to look in just the actual tag and not the search page.

1. So… even if somebody talks about trans people with respect all the time, you can accuse her of transmisogyny because… it can be very subtle? Boy, that must come in really handy as an argument. It’s essentially an “I WIN” button. Could we please stick to actual factual arguments rather than “I know this because I am psychic” type things?

2a. You’re seriously going to cite an article that opens with incorrect information (the subtitle calls Conchita transgender) as proof? You could at least have clicked through to the Haaretz article they cribbed from, come on, the link was right there.

2b. ”Oh, I love Dana. She is such a strong woman, and that is inspiring for sure.” That… that is not comparing herself to Dana. That is saying Dana is an inspiration. Words mean things. (Before you even try, non-trans people finding trans people an inspiration is not appropriative or a shitty thing or anything of the sort. That’s like saying a man can’t find a woman inspirational, or a straight person can’t find a gay one inspirational, or a white person can’t find a black one inspirational. Please.)

2c. While I’m at it: be very very very careful using written articles as a source for anything. Journalists can and very often do twist shit to suit their angle. Here’s one example (completely unrelated to Conchita, but an excellent example nonetheless).

3. She didn’t know about that meaning of the name when she picked it — proof: interview one and interview two. And god forbid she didn’t change a name she likes because some people interpret it as a vulgar joke. If somebody is called Dick Small, should they change their name, too? How about Mike Hunt? Don Glover? Seriously now.

4. Shockingly, these things do happen. In reality TV, the network has the final say, and often producers change shit around and the people participating in it can’t do anything about it. She often says openly not racist things in interviews. For instance:

I could find more with a bit of digging if necessary (she says it so often I haven’t bothered bookmarking specific interviews, so I’m going to have to rewatch things if you want more links). So I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt.

5. …no? She’s said it’s a statement that outward appearances shouldn’t matter, of course, but she’s also repeatedly said it’s how she feels comfortable, often phrasing it along the lines of “this is my truth”. I don’t have links, because seriously, she says it all the time (because everybody asks her even two months after Eurovision), but I can dig some up if this is seriously a dealbreaker.

6. She never put on the mask of a trans woman. You can blame the media being dumbasses for that (there still are articles that get it wrong), but that is not her fault. All the way in the run up to Eurovision she kept being asked and she said no, I’m not trans. Over and over and over and fucking over. Here’s a quote (from a post-Eurovision interview, in German, roughly translated by somebody who isn’t me, but it makes the point):

"it is very dangerous to confuse me with a trans person. What we Drag-Artists do, this is art, this is a tribute to women, often exaggerated, sometimes not. But being in the wrong body is a bitter reality and has nothing to do with fun. And that’s why you really have to separate this decidedly."

So how about you sit the fuck down?

Asker viridian-sun Asks:
conchita won eurovision (and afaik shes a drag queen, thus one refers to her with feminine pronouns when shes in her stage persona)
conchitacouldyounot conchitacouldyounot Said:


oh, I know all of that

I was just wondering why the people who made the photoset chose to include her with Lupita Nyong’o and Laverne Cox, considering the fact that not only did she once participate in this super racist reality show where she was sent to “survive” among a native tribe in Namibia, but her “persona” (which also includes being Colombian - aka - a Latina woman) is played by a white cis Austrian gay guy

moreover, Conchita’s beard isn’t even a cool violation of the gender binary and is intended to be both a joke, as well as an attribute of her character as an “Art Figure” that’s supposed to make some sort of statement about outward appearances, which btw aren’t intended to promote tolerance towards trans people who suffer discrimination for not conforming to the gender binary

Do I engage, do I ignore, do I engage, do I — ah fuck it, it’s in the tag, I’ll engage.

1. Yes, that TV show she was in was a gross piece of racist trash by all accounts. That doesn’t necessarily make her racist, though. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt when judging her on this and on the Colombian thing (which to me doesn’t seem ill-intentioned, just not wholly considered) since she regularly says in interviews that race shouldn’t be used to discriminate against people.

2. Yes, the beard is a statement that you shouldn’t discriminate based on outward appearances — how is this a bad thing? It’s not intended to be a joke, she’s never said that.

3. Considering how she regularly talks about trans people respectfully when asked about it (which happens less often now, people seem to be finally getting the memo), and how she’s said she wants to fight for the rights of everybody and not just the gay community, I’m not exactly sure how it’s a problem that she doesn’t conform to the gender binary herself.

Also, I have never gotten a straight answer out of anybody over this and I am quite frankly sick of it. Why do people think it’s her duty to wave a banner for trans and non-binary rights, and then get angry when it looks like she’s not? (Nevermind that, like I said, she’s openly said she wants tolerance for everybody. That’s beside the point.) Just because she’s presenting outside the gender binary? I don’t fucking get it.


This person is beautiful.

(via tjmystic)

Conchita and Jean Paul Gaultier in Vienna.


Grand Final: Winner’s Press Conference

  • Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) - Part 9

PHOTOS: Nargiz Gasimli

Conchita Wurst at Starnacht am Wörthersee, 18 and 19 July 2014.

As usual, more at the source. (The third and fourth galleries are, respectively, the rehearsal and the show; the first gallery has photos from Startalk, though I’ve posted none of them here.)


Grand Final: Winner’s Press Conference

  • Conchita Wurst (Austria 2014) - Part 8

PHOTOS: Nargiz Gasimli

Asker Anonymous Asks:
about conchita's placing in die grosse chance: conchita performed 'unbreakable' in the final, so unless the final had a lot of performers in it, she can't have finished 6th. you'd expect to have only made it to around the quarter-final stage if you finished sixth, right?
conchitacouldyounot conchitacouldyounot Said:

Talent shows (at least the ones I’ve seen — I haven’t seen many, I don’t watch that much TV) often work on a three-level system.

First, acts audition and get a yes/no decision. Then the acts that got a “yes” get culled down further (if there are a lot of them, if not the culling obviously gets skipped) and the ones picked go to the semi-finals. Then the acts that place top in their semi-final go to the final.

Looking at the Wikipedia page for ”Die Große Chance” that I linked to in the previous answer, it looks like that year had three semi-finals with 12 acts in each, and 9 acts in the final (three from each semi). That’s not particularly atypical (looking for example at this year’s “Britain’s Got Talent, it had five semi-finals with 9 acts in each, with 11 acts ending up in the final).